We build custom enterprise solutions. While we can't share all of them, here are a few highlights:

We are developing a product that will allow real estate investors to buy fractions of properties and allow people without large down payments the opportunity to gain a stake and earn profits from a rising real estate market. 

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Tokenized Real Estate NFTs
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Securities on a Blockchain

We are developing a state of the art system to bring green projects to life. With our expertise in Renewable Energy and Finance we are creating a way for anybody to invest in projects that will provide lasting value to the planet and your pocket.

Forestry Chain

A blockchain solution that tracks the forestry supply chain from tree stand to final wood product. It provides transparency and accountability to regulators, licensees, logging contractors, sawmills and consumers. 


A custom blockchain solution aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and incentivize usage and adoption of low-carbon fuel alternatives in the transportation sector.

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MPWR Summit

A one day conference for professional crypto miners and mining enthusiasts. Organized and financed by BIR, this inaugural summit in Vancouver, Canada saw attendance of over 200 people, 19 speakers, and 8 exhibitors.