About Us

Blockchain Infrastructure Research is a research and development firm assisting businesses and governments understand, explore and develop distributed ledger technology solutions. 


To be a globally trusted source of research and development of blockchain solutions to real world problems


Providing expert intelligence and custom solutions​


Transparency, Collective Intelligence, Independent Research, Integrity, and

Responsible Development

Tanya Smith, M.Sc.
Chief Executive Officer

Tanya is a professional applied economist, trained at the London School of Economics. She formerly worked for the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank, conducting risk analyses, environmental economic analysis, and international emerging market research. Tanya has particular expertise in applying blockchain technology to carbon markets, alternative finance, and supply chains for impact. Tanya is a strong business leader and avid blockchain enthusiast.

Micah Smith, P.Eng.
Chief Operating Officer

Micah is a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience in the renewable power industry and 5 years experience in blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Beginning in blockchain as a hobbyist miner Micah has extensive experience with cryptocurrency mining, supporting the development and operation of several large mining facilities. He provides technical services to prospective miners, and consulting services for investors, power companies and other blockchain enthusiasts. Recent work has focused on blockchain and distributed ledger development.

Ron 2017.jpg
Ron Hankewich, P. Eng. MBA CFA
Chief Research Officer

Ron Hankewich P. Eng. MBA CFA is a senior executive with Blockchain Infrastructure Research. He has numerous years of investment experience on both-side and sell-side with privately held investment funds as well as publicly traded corporations. His focus with BIR is on corporate valuation of mining entities as well as the creation of business combinations that provide value for shareholders.

Peter Schober, B.Eng.

Peter has over 35 years of experience in building electrical infrastructure. He has developed, permitted, financed, constructed, owned, and operated three major renewable power projects that have delivered over 400GWh of clean electricity and offset over 400,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases. He has negotiated several long-term infrastructure deals with local utilities that have totalled over $1B. Peter has owned half a dozen electrical vehicles and helped import the first Nissan Leaf into BC. He has also worked on over a dozen renewable power projects and is extremely familiar with carbon credit calculations. Furthermore, Peter has extensive experience in large power systems, power development, and computer control systems which utilize extensive, real-time databases to track project attributes for environmental monitoring and reporting. Peter was partner in and has helped develop several privately-owned cryptocurrency mining operations. For the last few years, he has been working on blockchain solutions and recently served as the Chairman of the board for Skychain Technologies.